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Specialty Items

  • Cold Spray Wax
    An economical drying polish and dewatering agent for use on all vehicle exteriors.
    SDS | Tech Data 
    Product Code: A260
  • Tire Shine
    Tire Shine revitalizes and restores the original shine of tires, soft vinyl trim and black rubber bumpers.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A277
  • Carnauba Hot Wax
    A polish and surface protection compound with the added benefit of carnuaba wax for enhanced shine, rust inhibition and water repellancy.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A261
  • RV Anti-freeze -40C
    A non-toxic, glycol-based anti-freeze for winterizing water lines in recreational vehicles. It is used to protect plumbing from bursting as a result of water expansion during freezing temperatures. This product provides freeze protection to -40°C
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A279
  • Auto Bright
    A liquid rust remover used to remove iron stains and light rust from painted vehicle surfaces, and the removal of industrial fall-out on new vehicles.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A272
  • RX-10 Concentrated Auto Polish
    A concentrated surface protectant offering increased shine and water repellancy to paint, chrome and trim. It provides better water beading and breaking.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A288
  • Vinyl Shine
    A water-based product that will protect and beautify vinyl surfaces such as dashboards and upholstery while leaving a lasting shine. It restores colour and lustre to vinyl siding on homes that has been faded by sunlight.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A276
  • VC-20 Clear Coat
    A premium sealant and clear coat protectant offering long lasting shine and water repellancy to automobile surfaces. It provides water sheeting and breaking for quicker drying.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A290
  • A-50 Aluminum Brightener
    A concentrated and exceptionally effective liquid acid blend used for the brightening of aluminum trailer surfaces.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A266
  • Citrus Tar Remover
    A natural viscous citrus solvent based degreaser and tar remover ideally suited for pre-spraying tar spots on vehicles prior to washing. This product does not contain any chlorinated solvents, petroleum distillates, acids or alkali. It is non-corrosive and has a pleasant orange odour.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A275
  • Aluminum Brightener Extreme
    This is a concentrated cleaner and brightener for aluminum trailers or other exterior unpainted aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. It removes oxidation leaving a shining surface. This product is a special blend of surfactants, sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A265
  • Bug Remover Concentrate
    A concentrated liquid hard surface cleaner when diluted makes a very effective windshield cleaner removing oil residue, dirt and bugs.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A274
  • Rust Inhibitor
    A liquid corrosion inhibitor ideally suited for use in spray applications on vehicle undercarriages.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A270
  • Non-Etching Aluminum Brightener
    This product is a ready to use formula containing biodegradable surfactants and an effective blend of acids. It will restore and retain polished aluminum, stainless steel and hard chrome surfaces. Use on RV’s, bulk carriers, wheels, fuel tanks, dump trucks to remove road film, soot, dirt, oil and corrosion. This product does not contain hydrofluoric or hydrochloric acids.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A271