Product Recommendations and Development

Our sales and technical staff are always available to help recommend products for your cleaning requirements. With over 500 existing formulas, odds are we have what you are looking for. However, if you do require something unique or specific, our knowledgeable chemists are skilled at creating formulas perfectly suited for the task, at the right concentration and at the right price. Our well-equipped lab is on-site, so projects like this can be completed quickly and efficiently!

Scalable Production

With over a dozen blend tanks, we are able to manufacture over 500 proven formulas for packaging in a variety of containers from 500 mL bottles to bulk tanker trucks.

Custom Blending

We offer a comprehensive product development line and have the capability to blend chemicals according to our customers’ individual requirements. Bring us your formula and have it manufactured according to our strict ISO 9001:2015 quality controls. Our facility is licensed by Health Canada for the blending and packaging of pharmaceuticals.

Graphics Department

Our qualified in-house art department produces private labels from start to finish for a one-time set-up charge. Labels are printed in-house on state of the art label printers and the design and content can be adjusted as needed. You can add your own logo, and choose colours and styles that best reflect your company. Custom silk-screening is available, as an alternative for labeling, for 500 mL bottles, 1 L bottles and 4 L jugs. Our graphics department can also assist in developing marketing material to further increase recognition of your brand. This may include things like small brochures, or one-page handouts on new products.

Plastics Department

At our plastics division we manufacture plastic bottles and jars under strict quality controls. Bottles and jars that we manufacture include: 2.5 kg UN-certified jars, 3.75 kg UN-certified jars, 1 L bottles, 4 L bottles, and 4 L UN-certified bottles. While the majority of the containers that we make are for our own packaging demand, all containers are available for re-sale.

Have more questions? Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!