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Solvent & Citrus Based Degreasers

Solvent Based Degreasers

  • T-300 Tar Remover & Degreaser
    A highly effective and versatile degreaser designed to remove oil, bitumen and tar deposits from heavy equipment and vehicles.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I311
  • X-Cel Degreaser
    An excellent solvent based degreaser designed to loosen and dissolve grease, tar and bitumen. This product is well suited for the oilfield and heavy industrial degreasing. Surfactants and emulsifiers contained in this degreaser make it free rinsing with water.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I320
  • Low Odour Solvent Degreaser
    A very low odour, formulated solvent for removal of oil, grease, tar and bitumen. It combines the solvency of odourless paraffin oils with the pleasant scent and solvency of citrus terpenes, making it user friendly and highly effective.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I306
  • VegeSol
    VegeSol is a clear semi-viscous fully biodegradable methyl ester-based emulsifier/degreaser that rapidly penetrates and emulsifies grease, oil, tar and asphalt. The semi-viscous nature of VegeSol allows it to cling to a vertical surface for longer than most degreasers and with less evaporation, increasing dwell time and effectiveness.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I308

Citrus Based Degreasers

  • Citro Power
    A d-limonene-based phosphate-free environmentally friendly cleaner degreaser with odour neutralizing properties.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I305
  • Ultrasolve H.D
    A fortified and highly effective d-limonene based degreaser and tar remover. It contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents and is easy on the environment. It is ideal for use on heavy equipment and vehicles.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I334
  • Gold Degreaser
    This super concentrated, environmentally friendly blend of d-limonene and biodegradable emulsifiers is the product of choice for those more difficult situations of removing tar, asphalt and grease.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I333
  • Trap-Float Degreaser
    A powerful non-corrosive d-limonene based, organic solvent with odour counteracting properties ideally suited for use in lift stations as it floats on top of the water. It dissolves and breaks up grease, oil, animal fats and cooking oils.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I332
  • Citrus Tar Remover
    A natural viscous citrus solvent-based degreaser and tar remover ideally suited for pre-spraying tar spots on vehicles prior to washing.  This product does not contain any chlorinated solvents, petroleum distillates, acids or alkali.  It is non-corrosive and has a pleasant orange odour.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: A275
  • Orange Grove Cleaner-Degreaser
    A citrus phosphate-free environmentally friendly product used in commercial housekeeping applications.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: J485