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Other Industrial Products

  • W-50 Non-Phos Acid Cleaner
    A concentrated non-phosphate product containing a blend of acids and detergents. It effectively removes hard water scale, stains and grime build up from concrete, metal surfaces, vinyl, tile, bath tubs, toilets and urinals.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I343
  • Coil Cleaning Acid
    An inhibited, highly concentrated hydrochloric (muriatic) acid made to remove rust, hard water scale and other accumulations from water cooled equipment, water jackets, heat exchangers and heating coils.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I312
  • Concrete Remover
    An acid that cleans concrete, removes scale and rust, and removes mortar from trucks and equipment.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I316
  • Organic Acid Concrete Remover
    A technologically advanced formulation that considers worker safety and the environment, without compromising effectiveness. It is made from 100% biodegradable organic acids and surfactants which penetrates deep into the concrete layer and hydrates it, producing a softened putty-like layer which is easily removed.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I321
  • Neutra-Bac
    A concentrated cleaner and deodorizer formulated to control odours around sewage disposal, garbage areas, compactors, animal shelters, stables, etc. It is also ideally suited for use in outhouses and portable toilets.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I330
  • Liquid Safety Melt
    This is a biodegradable high-performance non-corrosion liquid deicer that is effective at temperatures down to -30C. It is effective as a deicer or anti-icer and contains no corrosive chlorides so it is safer to use on structural and reinforcing steels.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I323
  • Asphalt Release Agent
    This is an environmentally friendly product designed to help prevent asphalt from sticking to surfaces. It can be applied to delivery truck beds, shovels and other tools. Its water-based formula creates a slippery non-stick surface that prevents the adherence of the asphalt.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I346
  • Odour-Sorb
    A highly absorbent light density, granular deodorizer designed for use in commercial and industrial waste retention containers. It counteracts odour as well as absorbs excess moisture in open outdoor receptacles.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I350
  • Safety Melt
    A nitrogen based, granular ice melter with minimal effects on concrete and grass when used as directed.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: I319