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Floor Finishes & Sealers

  • Super 200 Urethane Finish
    A quality, durable, high gloss finish to be used on most floor surfaces including concrete, tile and stone floors.

    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: J488
  • Super 90 Floor Finish
    A concentrated, fast drying, high gloss, multi-coatable finish that does not require buffing.
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    Product Code: J493
  • Floor Neutralizer
    A concentrated blend of organic sugar acids used for neutralization of alkaline floor wax strippers, deodorizing carpets and cleaning porous concrete/grout. It is also effective for removing ice melt salt stains in winter months.  This low odour neutralizer does not contain any strong, fuming mineral acids.
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    Product Code: G642
  • Super 300 Acrylic Sealer
    A tough, acrylic based sealer for sealing porous new floors and for resealing floors after stripping.
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    Product Code: J502
  • Arena Finish
    A black, non-powdering finish for use on rubber floors in dressing rooms and hallways.
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    Product Code: J499
  • W-75 Speed Stripper
    A highly concentrated, water-soluble stripper for speed stripping of floor finishes.
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    Product Code: J461
  • Nano Shield floor Finish
    A revolutionary floor finish that combines deep gloss, high durability and ease-of-use into one product. High molecular weight acrylic polymers and nano-zinc cross-linking produce a beautiful, long-lasting shine that resists black marking, scuffing and soil penetration.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: J495