Comprehensive Product Development Since 1963

Our product innovation and development has put us at the forefront of chemical producers in Western Canada. Our sales staff, production team and in-house chemical specialists work with our clients to create timely, cost-effective solutions for a refined, superior line of products. We are able to blend detergents based on customer requirements and produce solutions for the most complex circumstances.

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Over 50 Years in Business 

Our Services

Product Development

We are capable of blending custom chemical cleaning products according to our customers’ individual requirements.

Container Graphics

Our in-house art department produces custom labels for your product. We also silk-screen for a variety of containers.

Container Manufacturing

Our plastics division manufactures plastic bottles and jars under strict quality controls.

We Are Green Certified


The Nature’s Own™ line of environmentally responsible cleaning products consists of products registered with either The EcoLogo Program or Green Seal™ Program.


#100, 8149 River Way
Delta, BC V4G 1L2
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Edmonton (Head Office)

2310 – 80th Ave.
Edmonton, AB T6P 1N2
Ph: 780.440.1911
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#6, 4620 Manilla Rd. S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 4B7
Ph: 403.243.9441
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