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Acid Cleaners

  • Acid Cleaner H.D.
    A concentrated and highly effective, phosphoric and sulphuric acid-based, non-foaming liquid used for cleaning of difficult areas that are prone to scaling.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: F375
  • M-12 Acid Cleaner
    A foaming lactic acid-based cleaner for cleaning of milking equipment and utensils. It will remove milkstone and hard water scale from all hard surfaces.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: F358
  • M-35 Acid Cleaner
    A red non-foaming lactic acid-based liquid cleaner for the removal and prevention of milkstone in pipelines and bulk tanks.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: F357
  • AC – Sour CIP Cleaner NF
    A concentrated non-foaming acid-based cleaner designed for use in dairy plants. It is formulated for in-place cleaning of farm pipelines, bulk tanks, and automatic milking systems.
    SDS | Tech Data
    Product Code: F377